Bespoke/Made-to-Measure Service


Bespoke Service

 At BUNO DESIGN along side our Ready-Made Collection, we provide  Bespoke/Made-to-Measure services. We will ensure that each of our clients will have magical experience to create their desired garment. 

We design and make unique Bespoke Bridal and Evening wear using only luxurious and high quality fabrics and materials.


Our services include :

  • Design & Consultation.
  • Sourcing the fabrics, materials and trims.
  • Hand embellishments.
  • Styling



Once we gather all the information we need to design your desired item, you will have a consultation scheduled with our designer to go through all the details for your order. 

 After the consultation , we will email you an order contract form that includes the expected time frame of work and the total cost. You will become liable for the full cost of the items ordered.  

 In order to proceed with the work, we require full payment in advance. 

Our time frame will vary depending on  intensity of the order and the item itself. You must allow between 4-5 weeks for any order to be completed, unless stated otherwise during a consultation. Please note: Some Designs can take up to 6 months to be completed specially Bridal and Evening orders .

At times, Bespoke/Made-to-Measure products might be featured on our website with specific price range. If you need any amendments to be made to these products e.g changing the size or height of the garment,surcharges  will be made which be added to to the cost of your order . 

We always strive to fully meet your requirements and deliver high quality made item to your satisfaction.


At BUNO DESIGN we source our own fabrics and raw materials from our trusted suppliers. We invest a lot if time to  make sure we only source the finest fabric and materials. Therefore, we cannot accept fabrics from clients. If you have a specific fabric,material or colour , please send us swatches and we will try our very best to source similar fabric/material from our suppliers. 

Please note; when sending over photos, swatches and colours via email, colours may vary depending on monitor settings, camera lighting etc. We cannot be held responsible for any mismatch or differences in the final product.

To avoid complications, samples and swatches can be sent to us in order to ensure a perfect understanding and match.

However. We cannot be held responsible for any damage or loss that occurs throughout the process. If you have any queries related to specific items mentioned above, or any other query about our bespoke service, please email us at .


BUNO DESIGN will advice on sizing and measuring requirements but cannot accept responsibility  if size or measurements are incorrect. 

You (as the person placing the order) is responsible for the size and measurements taken and for any amendments made to the design. Please make sure you follow our sizing and measurements guidelines to avoid any mistakes. 

Unfortunately , Bespoke/Made-to-Measure items are none refundable, as these items are made according to individual size,taste, shape and measurements and we cannot re-sale them.