About Us


At Buno Design we believe in simplicity and refined style. Our unique designs focus on the structure of the garment and the fabrics, not on a specific size or silhouette, or on the dictates of the fashion industry. We offer sophisticated garments in modern, minimal styles that are modest and fairly priced. Our clothes are timeless, of a style and quality designed to last, made from natural and eco-friendly materials.

Buno Design is dedicated to clothing that both looks good and is ethically produced. We make aesthetically beautiful garments for a sustainable fashion brand that is responsible to its workforce – and to the environment.

Our Mission

We believe that transparency is vital, from the initial design through to the final dispatch, including fair pricing of the finished garments, so we monitor production closely at every level to ensure that fair and ethical practices are upheld. We are committed to working only with manufacturers who respect labour ethics, and who pay workers a fair wage. We try our best to source all our fabrics and trims ethically and locally. 

Sustainable Fashion

At Buno Design we are determined wherever possible to reduce our carbon footprint. We use only eco-friendly marketing materials, from product packaging right down to labels and stationery. We have no expensive offices or retail outlets to maintain; our brand relies for its appeal on its honesty and the low costs of the source materials, so we can pass on all the savings directly to our customers.